/it's ON!/ 06/14/2009

wow! it's been quite a month. so much planning and camping and working and playing. we were accepted in to the fire arts festival! very exciting news, indeed. check it out! and save the dates: July 15-18th in West Oakland.

last weekend we purchased a very large, rather ridiculous piece of galvanized steel. i like to call it the gnome house. today, i ripped it apart and created 7 lovely pieces for our sculpture. feeling way more comfortable with the plasma cutter now -- more like drawing now. now, we have a basin and six centers for the lotus petals! hooray!

tomorrow i will work on bending the metal centers to the shape that will work for the basin. looking forward to learning a new tool. 

after much hemmin' and hawin' about the fire, i think it's been settled that we *will* use propane, and we *will* run fire up the spine of each petal. we had hoped to use liquid methanol, but i think that will have to be a future addition...there's just not enough time to make that happen. 

tonight, while seeing 'bat for lashes' play the great american music hall in SF, i had an inspiration to have a poofer with colored flame...and a beautiful show with the fire dancing to 'daniel.' perhaps another future addition? maybe for the desert. anything is possible, i suppose. 

yay for fire! and art!



under the wire, we got it in! thanks to the help of badkitty, CTP and Charlie. we did our best...it's definitely not pefect, but it's pretty damn good! fingers crossed! stay tuned for results and updates!

/and we're off/ 04/30/2009

We're officially diving into the project today! Got the plans off to Charlie and getting started (LATE!) on the Fire Arts Festival application. Fingers crossed that it'll all get done by tomorrow night! And in time for us to make it to the Loving Tom Kennedy Memorial Festival out at American Steel, complete with art car procession from Ocean Beach to Wast Oakland BART to American Steel. Can't wait!