about harmoni

Harmoni is a fire fountain sculpture. The base of the sculpture consists of a basin 3’ in diameter and 24” high. The basin will be held above the ground about 6” by four dragon's feet. An image of a dragon's tail will wrap itself around the length of the basin. The basin will be stabilized underneath with cross braces welded to the bottom to add extra support in addition to the feet. 

The body of the sculpture - a lotus blossom - will sit inside the basin. It will consist of 9 petals arranged in two concentric circles with a dragon’s head rising up out of the petals. The petals will rise about 30” above the top of the basin. These petals will have the curvature of a blossom and will overlap to form geometric patterns against each other. The petals will be mostly open structures made from pin rod with a tapered piece of sheet metal stretching from top to bottom along the spine of the petal. The sheet metal will be 10” wide at its widest point. 

The plumbing for fire effects will run along the spine of the petals. The veins moving outward from the spine of the petals will also have fire effects. The fire will form a kind of fountain effect, flowing upward from the tips of the petals and outward from the veins along the spine. 

The dragon head will rise up through the middle of the lotus blossom petals and will reach about 18-24” above the tips of the petals.  The dragon’s head will be three dimensional and will be fashioned out of malleable sheet metal. The head will sit on a metal post stretching down through the petals. Only a small portion of the head will be visible. The plumbing for the fire effects for the head will run up through the center of the sculpture within a pipe that the head will sit on. There will be fire effects from the mouth and the nostrils of the dragon.

A metal grate will sit about 15" below the top of the basin to support a circular structure that will hold each petal and the dragon head in place. The plumbing for fire effects will run out through the bottom of the basin.